Viola Case

One of my Back 2 School projects is complete!! I made a cover for the strap for my viola case, fallowing a tutorial from Kevin & Amanda. Amanda's is for a camera strap, but the instructions are the same, I made mine about twice as long and a bit wider to fit my case and made a single ruffle.

I used up some of the fabric straps to make the handle cover.
1. I cut 3 pieces of fabric each 1" wide from each of the 2 fabrics.
2.I cut a piece of cardstock 1/2" wide.
3. I placed the card stock stip in the middle of the width of my fabric and folded the fabric over the top of it, then ironed it down, moving the stip as I went. This 'killed 2 birds with one stone' and both folded the edges into the center and ironed it down. Repeating this for each of the 6 fabric strips.
4. I sewed the 3 strips of each same patterned fabric together to form 2 long stips.
5. I folded the width of the fabric strips in half and ironed it.
6. I sewed down the center of the strips, keeping the stips taunt as they went through the machine with one hand in front and one behind holding them.
7. I tied the stips to the handle. There are tons of options for knots, but I just used one that I've known 'forever'.  Put one stip in front of the handle, and the other behind loosely then bring them through the loops created by the opposite strips. Then put one behind and one in front, opposite of where they were before and  pull them through the loops created. I repeated this all the way around the handle.

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