SNP Blog Train: Fun & Silly

  The blog train is pulling out and the theme this month is perfect: Fun and Silly! I made a paper pack and alpha to share.

I'm sorry for the confusion, the hosting site I am using changed on me from the time I uploaded the now, so lets try this.
Perhaps this will work better, click on the blue box below, it will bring you to a page, then on the top there should be a button: Folder Actions click that, then download folder.  You should not have to create a Microsoft Account to download this, I have tried several times without logging in, fingers crossed it will work for you too.

***New Link***   I'm sorry for all the download problems, I dislike all the adds in MediaFire, but I guess I'll try. Here is the link for Fun and Silly by Flower Pot Designs.  (cross your finger really well!!)

Enjoy the blog train and be sure to leave love as you grab these crazy parts!

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  1. It's trying to make me sign up for a Microsoft account before it will allow me to download. Bummer :(

    1. Same here.
      I love this freebie (especially the alpha), but creating a Microsoft account for this? No way...

    2. I'm sorry guys, I went back in to check that out and they totally changed the use interface. I'll try to get the files hosted somewhere else.

    3. Yes, MS definitely changed that. I've downloaded from a skyline host before without having to create an account. I'm sorry this is causing you more trouble. If you are able to upload it to another server, I will definitely be back later to download your papers & alpha!

  2. Thank you for the fun treats. I really love that alpha!

  3. Thanks, but no thanks to having to create a new account or give out my cell phone number for an alpha.

  4. Thank you! Really like the alpha but I too will not sign up for a Microsoft account :(

  5. Thanks, papers and alphas are great. Was able to download the paper file first without signing in as if it was a direct account. Then, when I went back and tried to get to the alphas, I had to sign in and then a download came up with both zip files in as one. So, it then downloaded the papers again. Think I signed up for the account some time ago.

  6. I checked this morning with your new instructions. It's still asking me to sign in with a Microsoft account. So sorry for your trouble - ugh!! Your design is great - would love to have it :)

  7. Love your freebie, but was unable to download without creating an account. :)

  8. Sorry not signing up for this freebie!! But thanks anyways.


  9. This lets me down load the paper but not the alpha what am i doing wrong????

  10. I wish I could snag this without needing to create an account. :( It looks great!

  11. Yay, it worked. Thanks for moving them to mediafire for us. I don't like the ads, either. But I do like the quick download it provides. Blessings!

  12. Thanks hun, appreciate this :) I will go to my corner now...lol

    Hugs Tamie

  13. Thank you for switching to a new server! That's very sweet of you to go to this trouble for us for a freebie. I really appreciate it!

  14. Thanks so much for your part of the blog train.

  15. Thank you for sharing this cute kit.

  16. Sorry would love to have your part, but neither of your downloads are working. One says I have to sign in. The new link you put up does not do anything.

  17. Thanks for sharing your part to this beautiful train

  18. Thank you for you part of the train... If you sign up for free mediafire there are no pop ups.

  19. Thank you for sharing your papers and alpha. :) I like the alpha, the squiggle paper and the crinkled paper the best. :)


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