The Point Of No Return

The Point of No Return  This is a little out of character for my blog, but I would like to share a great story. The Point Of No Return is written by one of my friends, going by the pseudonym SydLovesTigers (she is an amazing writer by the way, all her books are amazing). She has entered this in the Watty Awards contest!!
  The Point Of No Return is about an asteroid speeding toward the Earth and no one seems to be able to come up with a solution to save the world, save a teenage girl. Unfortunately this plan won't be able to save everyone. Who will live? What will happen?
Here is  the synopsis:
  An asteroid, Entiem, is scheduled to hit Earth in two months. Our savior? A fourteen-year old girl who hardly talks to anyone and is more colder than ice with a mind as great as Thomas Edison's or Albert Einstein's. Those chosen to live? Four from each country, and the world's most respected politicians, voted upon by the UN. After the panic, comes confusion, and the tables are turned, making the survivors, the endangered.

Check out The Point of No Return on WattPad here, or read it on your phone using a WattPad app and the story code 4087363. Don't forget to leave love/comments!

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