Making letter templates for pics

I'm really not sure what I should call this tutorial, but letter templates is the best my imagination can produce. Maybe a picture would explain it better:


1. a) select the text tool.
    b) choose a font that is bold and blocky
    c) type you letter
    d) choose the move tool
    e) resize the letter to fill the screen

2. a) choose the rectangle shape tool
    b) create rectangles over the letter leaving about a 1/4" between them or as you see fit
    c) group all the layers to the letter by pressing control and g. or holding alternate and clicking between the layers

3. a) simplify all the layers by right clicking on them and simplifying
    b) select the shape of the letter by control clicking on the layer thumnail of the letter
    c) press control, shift and i together to select the inverse or oposite
    d) keeping the selection, click on each layer and hit the delete key to delete the part of the rectangle that is outside of the shape

4. a)If you haven't already simplify the text layer
    b) un-clip/un-group the rectanges from the text layer by selecting the one directly above the text layer in the layers panel and pressing control and g.
    c)Add drop shadows, and bevels if you are so inclined via the effects window.
    d)Customize the shadows by clicking on the little fx to the right of the layer thumnail in the layers panel

5. Using the template
    a)Click on the 'File' menu in the top left, the down to 'place' find you picture then double click on it, click once and press enter, or click the picture then place.
    b)Move the picture in the layers panel to just above the rectangle
    c) Group it to the rectange by pressing control and g
    e) Repeat this until all the rectangles have pictures, or for a neat effect group papers to some

Here is an example made with my part of the upcoming April SNP Blog Train: Spring Into Color



Free template

I made a free template for the Junior Scrapper Challenge at STS. If you are a junior scrapper, head on over to STS to complete the challenge. You can download the template here.

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