Creating a shaped paper clip {freebie}

Today l'm going to share a tutorial on creating shaped paper clips, using Photoshop Elements I'll be using 9 but just about any program will work.    Note that clicking on the pictures will bring up a window with their full size.

1. Create a new document (ctrl + n), name it shaped paper clip, make it what ever size you want, I'm using 12*12, double check that the resolution is 300, color RGB, and the background is transparent, click OK.

2. Create you cutom shape. First select the custom shape tool (A). Then choose your shape(b) and color(C). Finally draw a shape just a little smaller than you page.

3. Dublicate the shape (ctrl+j) (a), rename them shape and clip (b), free transform 'shape' (ctrl+t) to make it 90% of its origonal size (c), accept the change by clicking the checkmark (d). Right click on first 'shape' and then 'clip' and select simplify.

4. Delete the center of the rim. ctrl +click on the thumnail of 'shape' to select it. Then select 'clip' and press Delete.

5. Increase the rim size by first selecting the 'clip' then holding down alt while dragging the little box out till it is 110% bigger.

6.Connect the rim to the shape by first creating a new layer and dragging it to the bottom (A), then (B) selecting the brush tool, and using either the size variable or the bracket keys ([=+, ]=-) to find a size that fills the gap and finally clicking once on the new layer to connect the 2.

7. Merge all of the layers together by right clicking then selecting merge visible.

8. Group (ctrl+g) a paper to your newly made clip and layer some elements. Add drop shadows and bevels and you ready to.

 Below is a free circular paper clip. Right click and choose save as to download it. l made it with my portion of Hint of Spring feel free to Use it for Personal Use, but please give credit to Flower Pot Designs.   

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