Making a CT Card

I made these cards for the STS July Hybrid Challenge to help me keep track of my CT duties.
This is the first one for the Lovely Creations CT. I made it with Divalicouse by Andriana's Cafe.

Here is what the text says.
1. Create a document ~8” wide and ~4” wide.
2. Place a patterned paper from the kit Divalicious by Andrana’s Cafe.
3. Using ribbon or stitching create a line across the top for the kit title.
4. Use an alph to put the designer name under that.
5. Create a grid using lines the width should be the CT creation
requirements +1 and the height should be the posting requirements +1.
6. Label acordingly.
7. Print out and trim.
8. punch very small decorative holes to the left and right of each row.
9. Place adhesives on the back and matt with cardstock.
10. Punch ribbon threading holes and thread ribbon through and tie in
 any boxes that are NA.

To use write the name of the kit on the top line. Write the date of release in the top left box. As you complete things and post them to galleries check them off in the apropriet boxes. For example when LO1 is done and has been posted to Yahoo I would check of the box between LO1 and Yahoo.  When everything is complete sign on the top of the grid.

I also made one other one for Every EverAfter Moment Designs CT.
I made it with Candy Kisses by Manda Lane Scraps.

I also did an animation to go along with the tutorial.

1. Create a new page (4x3) and put a cardstock on.
2. Add a ribbon, ricrac or stiching to the top of the page to put the kit title on.
3. Under that spell out the designer name with an alpha.
4. Then add horizontal gridlines with a stich or ribbon. The number of places you are required to post +2.
5. Then add vertical dividers with a ribbon or stitch the number of things you create +1.
6. Add labels in the left column and top row.
7. Print and laminate for multiple uses.

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  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [10 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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