Creating a stroked frame/ freebie

This is a tutorial on how to create a page with frame going all the way around it, known as a stroked border.
1. Select the rectangular marque tool and draw a selection around your page about 1/4th " from the edge.

2. Create a new layer and select it. Edit> Stroke Outline Selection.

3. Set the size to 20 pixels. The color to a color from your layout, the placement to center, the style to normal and the opacity to 100%.

4. Choose the eraser tool and select square brushed from the drop down menu then find a solid square brush. Erase any parts of the image that you don't want the frame to cover.

5. Using the vertical text tool create your title.  

6. Using the rectangular marque draw a selection box around the text. Select the frame layer and press the delete key.

  • To get a more varied look fallow the same steps but lower the frames opacity and duplicate it a couple times. Then rotate them all a bit in different directions and varry the opacitys.
  • Try using the liquify filter ( Filter > Distort > Liquify) and use the 'turbulance tool' to add wavy look.
  • Duplicate a small flower or element and put it on the frame to give an elegant feel.
  • select the frame and use varied opacity brushed to give it a grainy feel.

Dowload this freebie here. Select 'freebie' and then in the right colum click download.

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