Speed Scrap

Lovely Creations is holding a speed scrap on Wednessday

The participation prize will be a mini kit:
Hope to see you there!

Stars and Stripes

Today I bring you titiings of a new kit in Every Ever After Moment Desings store called Stars and Stripes. It is an Independance Day themed kit, but it looks like it could be used for other things too. I was wishing I had a photo of that last space ship (USA) blasting off into space to use.
My Freebie can be downloaded here .  Click on the zip folder labeled Leah_S&S_Freebie to download.


Guess To Win

Christin from Lovely Creations has a new give away. This give away is called Guess to Win. You guess the theme of my kit and not only will I have one winner but I will have three winners.
Prizes will be:
First Winner - The kit and 30% OFF at my store
Second Winner - 25% OFF at my store
Third Winner - A $2.00 Coupon to my store
And here is the first Guess to Win give away. All you have to do is guess the theme to this kit.
This Guess to Win will end Thursday, July 21, 2011. I will have a winner for you all Friday, July 22, 2011.
If you would like to enter Lovely Creations Guess to win? Please go to my blog to find out how.


Cupcake Creations

Lovely Creations has another new kit out (she's been putting out quite a few lately hasn't she?). This one is called Cupcake Creations just incase you havn't figured that out by the title :). It is a really nice kit and can be used both as a nice girly kit or male as well. I chose to go male with my layouts:

I also have a little wordart freebie to share as well.You can download it by clicking here then clicking on the zipped file named Leah_LC_CC_freebie


Creating a stroked frame/ freebie

This is a tutorial on how to create a page with frame going all the way around it, known as a stroked border.
1. Select the rectangular marque tool and draw a selection around your page about 1/4th " from the edge.

2. Create a new layer and select it. Edit> Stroke Outline Selection.

3. Set the size to 20 pixels. The color to a color from your layout, the placement to center, the style to normal and the opacity to 100%.

4. Choose the eraser tool and select square brushed from the drop down menu then find a solid square brush. Erase any parts of the image that you don't want the frame to cover.

5. Using the vertical text tool create your title.  

6. Using the rectangular marque draw a selection box around the text. Select the frame layer and press the delete key.

  • To get a more varied look fallow the same steps but lower the frames opacity and duplicate it a couple times. Then rotate them all a bit in different directions and varry the opacitys.
  • Try using the liquify filter ( Filter > Distort > Liquify) and use the 'turbulance tool' to add wavy look.
  • Duplicate a small flower or element and put it on the frame to give an elegant feel.
  • select the frame and use varied opacity brushed to give it a grainy feel.

Dowload this freebie here. Select 'freebie' and then in the right colum click download.


4th of July Celebration

I'm sure everyone in the states has pictures from the 4th. The firework show, or the family reunion, or maybe it was a neighborhood BBQ. Well Lovely Creations has a fairly new kit out there called 4th of July Celebration.
As usual I have some inspiration to get your brain turning:

Its not to late you could create a desktop for the STS desktop challenge.

And finally I made a freebie with it.

Here is the download link. Clicking on the zip labeled Leah_LC_4JC_freebie should bring up a download box.

Lovely Creation CT

Lovely Creations is having a call for potential team members. She does not currently have any spots currently available but would like to know who all is interested for when she does. Its fun and she keeps us up to date on kit releases and everything.

Here are the requirements:

Creative Team Requirements-Create two (2) layouts for each kit release.
-Create one (1) freebie of your choice to add to your blog for a kit release.
-Blog about the kit on the kit release date.
-Post layouts in LC's gallery at STS, Digi Scrap Talk Gallery, and one (1) or two (2) other galleries.
-Participate in at least two (2) Stuff To Scrap challenges each month.
-Make a minimum of five (5) comments a month in the Stuff to Scrap Gallery.

Promote Team Requirements
-Create one layout to show off the kit
-Enable at Stuff to Scrap twice (2 times) a month.
-Post in the Where Is It? thread at Stuff to Scrap when the post applies to one of my kits.
-Post in the In Search Of thread at DigiScrap Talk three (3) times a month when the post applies to one of my kits.
-Blog, facebook, or twitter about all kits, sales, and events happening with Lovely Creations.
-Participate in at least two (2) Stuff To Scrap challenges each month.
-Make a minimum of five (5) comments a month in the Stuff to Scrap Gallery.

Team Member Benefits
-Will receive all digital kits for FREE
-Can work with as many kits of mine as you want, as long as you create a layout for each kit downloaded.
-Get a 30% OFF discount on all of my commercial use products.
-More free goodies and discounts.

It's easy to apply!
Click HERE and fill out the application form . When I have a position open, I will contact you to make sure the information is up to date.


Making a CT Card

I made these cards for the STS July Hybrid Challenge to help me keep track of my CT duties.
This is the first one for the Lovely Creations CT. I made it with Divalicouse by Andriana's Cafe.

Here is what the text says.
1. Create a document ~8” wide and ~4” wide.
2. Place a patterned paper from the kit Divalicious by Andrana’s Cafe.
3. Using ribbon or stitching create a line across the top for the kit title.
4. Use an alph to put the designer name under that.
5. Create a grid using lines the width should be the CT creation
requirements +1 and the height should be the posting requirements +1.
6. Label acordingly.
7. Print out and trim.
8. punch very small decorative holes to the left and right of each row.
9. Place adhesives on the back and matt with cardstock.
10. Punch ribbon threading holes and thread ribbon through and tie in
 any boxes that are NA.

To use write the name of the kit on the top line. Write the date of release in the top left box. As you complete things and post them to galleries check them off in the apropriet boxes. For example when LO1 is done and has been posted to Yahoo I would check of the box between LO1 and Yahoo.  When everything is complete sign on the top of the grid.

I also made one other one for Every EverAfter Moment Designs CT.
I made it with Candy Kisses by Manda Lane Scraps.

I also did an animation to go along with the tutorial.

1. Create a new page (4x3) and put a cardstock on.
2. Add a ribbon, ricrac or stiching to the top of the page to put the kit title on.
3. Under that spell out the designer name with an alpha.
4. Then add horizontal gridlines with a stich or ribbon. The number of places you are required to post +2.
5. Then add vertical dividers with a ribbon or stitch the number of things you create +1.
6. Add labels in the left column and top row.
7. Print and laminate for multiple uses.



 Every EverAfter Moment Designs has a wonderful new kit in her store, actually she has a handful of wonderful fairly new kits in her store. This one is called Charming and has quite a variety of colors, pink, green, creme and brown are the main ones. See for yourself and buy it here. To get your imagingation flowing I have a freebie and a LO to share with you:

You can download the freebie here. To download it double click on the zip icon market Charming Freebie this should bring up a download link.


Stuff To Scrap July Blog Train

The STS July blog train At The Park is gitting ready to pull out. Here is my part. It has 5 cardstocks and 5 papers as well as 11 elements. The image is linked to download. Live has changed it up, and I'm not exactly sure how it works if you arn't the document creator :) but you should be able to click the little i for information next to ATP(short for at the park) and then on the right colum click download. Same goes for all my past kits which should be there too.

Fallow the rest of the train and pick up all of the other amazing goodies.

Scraps by Andrea
Simply Kelly Designs
Flower Pot Designs
Brianna's Scrapper
Jensen Motley Crew Designs
DoubleTrouble Scraps
Let Me Scrapbook!
The Scrappy Kat
Sweet Creations
Saphira's Scrapdesign
Scraps N Pieces
Lovely Creations
Shel Belle Scraps
Scrappin Serenity
The Digi Scrapping Mama
Note-able Scraps
Every EverAfter Moment
Eva Marina Scraps
Scrappin Ninnie

Family Garden

Lovely Creations has another great kit coming out today, it 's called Family Garden. It's full of yummy vegitables to scrap your garden. We've got chives, rosemary, basil, green beans, cucumbers,  tomatoes and squash growing in our garden. What's growing in yours? Find Family Garden in her store at Stuff To Scrap. In case your not already persuaded, here is some inspiration.
I hope your having a good time celebrating the Fourth and don't forget the purpose or those who bought.

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