How to create a simple card.

OK maybe not so simple, but you know how real cards always have a funny or inspirational saying of some sort on the inside, and well I thought I might just share how I would do that.

1. Create a new document the size of your card, (I like 3x4). By pressing ctrl+n then entering your length and width into the boxes. Clap once if your screen looks similar to mine and press OK.

2. Press ctrl+o to open your background paper. I'm using my free kit Sunny Daffodils.

3. Add your background paper to your card by: selecting the move tool then dragging the paper onto your blank card.

4. Resize the paper to fit better onto your card. Still using the move tool, and dragging the corners in. Close the paper document by right clicking on it and selecting close.

5. Add any other elements or paper by ctrl+o to open them and dragging and resizing them onto your card front.

6. Add text by clicking on the T-text tool. Draw out a text box by clicking where you want it to start and releasing where it should end. I will place mine over my yellow paper. The foreground color will by default be your text color but you can change that by clicking on the color chip in the options bar.
Choose your favorite font in the options bar, and finally type your message.
7. Add the final touches to your card front- drop shadows and any other elements you think it needs.

8. Lets make a back and insides for the card. Click on the "image" icon. Then "resize" and finally "canvas". Then put the width of your card in the width box and height in height box. Then click on the bottom right arrow so that the canvas extends out and up only.

9. Decorate the other sides inside and out using the guide below, remembering that when folded the backside will be flipped, so any lettering will need to be rotated 180 degrees.

10. Print- file, then print. Ensure that the printer you want to print to is selected, and actual size is selected, and that your card is the only thing selected to print.

Finally press print. I have had the best luck printing on light card stock or heavy paper. When your card comes out of the printer cut it out using the front as a guide, it should be 6 by 8. Then fold in half first vertically and then horizontally. I hope this helped. Comment if you have any other questions.

Here is what I came up with.


Life is a Journey

Scrap Team 2008 has a great new kit out. Is is called life is a journey. When you get ready to take a million pictures on you trip to Chicago, Miami or Los Vegas, consider using this cute large kit to comemorate your journey. I think it also would be cute to make a few pages about the life of your kids, or your own childhood. Available at Stuff To Scrap!


A Mother's Touch

MDK Scraps has a really pretty kit in her store right now called A Mother's Touch. It is so soft and versatile, I just love the colors. Here are a few of the layouts I have made, with many more on the way I am sure.

You can pick it up in her store here, get it today while the store is still 40% off!
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